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Field names, sizes and tenancy/ownership in Sandhurst are listed in the 'Tithe Map & Schedule' of 23 Jan 1838. Two significant earlier guides exist: 'A Reference Book of the Parish of Sandhurst in the County of Kent Containing the different Admeasurements of each Person's Land &c'. by T Gibson, Surveyor, Robertsbridge, 1826 (CKS-P321/11/A/5); and the Auction Schedule and Map for the auction on 29th July 1819, in which about 1500 acres, mainly of Sandhurst but including land in Hawkhurst & Newenden, were up for sale.

AUCTION of 29th July, 1819

John Blackburn of London had been putting together a country estate centred on Sandhurst & including properties in Newenden & Hawkhurst, from as early as July 1784 (see 'Hasted', 'Shops', & 'Deeds 1631-1814'), and appears from the auction map to have intended to take in all available land in Sandhurst from the Rye Road south to Kent Ditch and the Rother. On John's death, his eldest son George Hanway Blackburn disposed of his siblings' claims via a Recovery in 1807, and mortgaged it for 10,000, eventually putting it up for sale in 1819. Field names appear in documents of much earlier date, and some earlier surveys of individual farms produced maps with field names, but the auction produced a substantial survey of the village, covering about a third of its 4000 acres.

Time has had its way with some of the quainter names in early documents, and you will be lucky to place Idecolvylehous, Bendourfeld, Copland, Pettefield, Bagmerpytt, Isefield, Moltefield, Holywell Wood, Perye Garden, Neatterlinglie, & Paddlesmore in this or any of the nineteenth century surveys. Nowadays fields in Sandhurst are acquiring names such as B1, B2, B3, so there is a rich source in the making for future research. 

Each of the following pages has a schedule of items for the Lot, and an accompanying segment of map scanned from the original. To see the whole map - much reduced and in two halves - click on 'Map'. The same page also has a scan of some of the details from the cover page.   


Lot 1.  Phipsden Farm   Mr Jesse Marchant

Lot 2.  Downgate Farm   Mr Thomas Marchant

Lot 3.  Bourne Farm,  Part of Cross Lands Farm

Lot 4.  Downgate Field   Mr John Wybourn

Lot 5.  Part of Cross Lands Farm   Mr Thomas Paine  

Lot 6.  Part of Cross Lands Farm   Mr Thomas Paine

Lot 7.  Part of Cross Lands Farm   Mr Thomas Paine

           Cross Field    Rev. William Hussey

           Silverdines Farm   Mr Thomas Levett

Lot 8.  Sharpshill Farm   Mr William Wybourn

Lot 9.  Hugletts   Mr William Wybourn

Lot 10.  Brick House Farm   Mrs Hannah Bennett

             Castle Gate   Mr Thomas Paine

Lot 11.  Broad Oaks Farm   Mr Thomas Paine

Lot 12.  Burnt House Farm   Mr William Wybourn

Lot 13.  Betterynden Manor

             Old Place Farm   Mr Richard Cheesman

Lot 14.  Upper Baldwins & Cottage   Rev. William Hussey

             Part of Cross Lands   Mr Thomas Paine

Lot 15.  Marsh Quarter Farm   Mr Richard Cheesman

             Cledge Wood Field   Mr Thomas Marchant

Lot 16.  Ethnams & Boxhurst Farm   Mr Richard Cheesman

Lot 17.  North Brook Wood   (In Hand)

Lots 18-20.  Brooklands   Mr Richard Cheesman

Lot 21.  Meadow & Brookland   Mr William Wybourn


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T GIBSON: Survey of 1826

This survey is apparently the earliest for the whole of Sandhurst: predating the Tithe Apportionment by twelve years. It also names more woods, copses and shaws than the later survey. Against this there is some duplication of numbers, occasional blank entries, entries which appear to have been pencilled-in but not written over in ink; and possibly some entries which were put in later or added-to by other authors. It is apparent from entries in John Pinyon's diary for 1837 that he re-surveyed parts of the Village using the 1826 Survey Book as a basis, and prepared the Tithe Map & Schedule.

The following pages divide the 1300-plus entries in  Gibson's book into bite-size chunks. This was the original survey for the TA - which has minor variations, corrections and expansions from Gibson, although its format is rather different. As the two surveys are so similar I have combined the two into one table and indicated where the TA differs from Gibson (as for instance in number, field name or size). Also, where possible, I have linked in the field number from the auction schedule.

Correspondence at CKS [P321/8/C/1] shows that Thomas Gibson prepared a plan of the village as well as a reference book, and that he put in a bill of 178 for the work. In his letter of 21st April 1827 he claims that Mr Barnes had had an altercation with him over the price, that the sum Sandhurst had originally proposed to pay per acre was too little and that he had stated this when he took on the work. At this point he had not yet handed over the plan. A solicitor's letter of 20th Sept 1827 shows that the matter was still unresolved.

Page 1.   1 - 169.  

1 - Old Place Farm;  59 - Parsonage Lands, Rev. W. Hussey;  72 - John Body [Jno Collins]; 73 - Richard Cheesman;  74 - Mr Elliott [Mr Taylor];  74 - Brick House Farm, John Bennett;  108 - Burnt House Farm;  125 - Willm Levett;  134 - Bourne Farm, Sam Buss.  

Page 2.   170 - 297

170 -  Mr Lock;  173a - Silverdine Farm [Jno Wilson];  187 - Willm Lockyer;  190 - Part of Conghurst Farm;  230 - G Collingwood;  231 - Mr Foster [Anderson];  232 - Downgate Farm;  247 - Mr Pilcher;  248 -  Aaron Pinyon;  286 - Mr Nightingale;   294 - Mr Boorman.  

Page 3.   298 - 462

298 - Turner Esq:  310 - Foxhole Farm, Turner Esq;  339 - John Walker;  347 - Thomas Perrin;  370 - Ward Esq;  422 - Ives Farm, Francis Tress;  434 - Meriams Hill, Francis Tress;  445 - Green Farm, Mr Tress.

Page 4.   463 - 610

463 - Reynolds Farm Mr F. Tress;  479 - Part of Lamberden Farm, Mr F. Tress;  489 - Thomas Paine;  519 - William Paine;  533 - Methodist Chapel;  534 - Mr Humphrey;  572 - Mr Haines;  576 - Saml Paine;  579 - Mr Roberson;  581 - Mr Wilson;  592 - Bell Farm, William Stace.

Page 5.   611 - 784

611 - Cow Beach Farm, Wm Stace;  624 - Mercer Hollands;  654 - Spunden Farm, James Collins:  682 - James Collins:  692 - Ringle Crouch Farm, Js Collins:  710 - Puxtyle Farm, James Collins:  729 - Scurms, James Collins:  779 - Marsh Lands, James Collins.

Page 6.   785 - 959

785 - Barnes senr;  785 - Alderden Farm, Mr Dunk junr;  820 - Mr Dunk junr;  842a - Hodges esq;  843a - Mr Judge;  879 - John Slaughter;  921 - George Ballard.

Page 7.   960 - 1123

960 - Hope House Farm, Mr Coveny;  994 - Mr Hinds;  997 - Wm Goble;  1005 - Mrs Weston;  1008 - Link Hill Farm, T Ellis;  1019 - Longley's Farm, Thos Ellis;  1034 - Boxhurst, Thos Ellis;  1070 - Scurms, Thomas Ellis;  1079 - Baptist Chapel & Yard;  1080 - Mr Chandlers Cottage;  1081 - George Stace;  1089 - William Lade.

Page 8.   1123 - 1236

1123 - Mr Richardson;  1130a - Samuel Pix;  1133 - Mr Bishopp;  1134 - Mr Hanson;  1135 - Marsh Lands, Mr Durrant;  1152 - Robert Dunk senr.;  1221 - Poor House Premises;  1223 - Mr Barnett senr.  1227 - Mr Eglesden;  1232 - Mr Gillham;  1233 - Mr Tobit;  1234 - Mr Avard;  1235 - Mr Bridge; 1236 - Mr Paine.   

Page 9.   1235 - 1322

1235a - Messrs Sibery & Wilson Esqr;  1288 - Mr Usherwood;  1298 - Thos Perrigo;  1303a - Marsh Lands, Mr Heath; 1308 - Marsh Lands, Mr Winchester; 1312 - Marsh Lands, Mr Henly;  1318 - Sandhurst Greens.


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Sandhurst Tithe Map & Schedule,  23 Jan 1838

Prepared from the Gibson Survey by John Pinyon. See his diary entries between August 19th - 30th December 1837. John Pinyon's diary was at ESRO under AMS 5595 and is now at CKS under U2082. Transcripts here

The Whole Parish by Estimation  4480 acres

    Subject to payment of Tithes  3440 a.

        -    Arable, incl. Hop Grounds  2210 a.

        -   Meadow or Pasture  1230 a.

        -    (Hop Grounds  400 a.)

Due to the length of the list Ownership/Tenancy details in the TA Schedule are on a separate page (see above for the TA numbers, which are within the Gibson Survey pages).

A copy of the Tithe Map is available on CD from CKS. . This is to be preferred over anything available on this site if the purpose is to locate dwellings or farm complexes. I understand that the Schedule to the Tithe Map was intended to be on the CD, but that an overrun on expenses prevented its inclusion. The table to the Gibson Survey above indicates and includes variations in the TA Schedule, and, for most purposes, should be an adequate substitute for it.

Ringle Crouch Map,  1730

Some parts photographed and scanned. Detailed summary of contents. Additional scans.

Farm of J. Longley,  1755

Glass Cocks Farm, 1767

Silverdine Farm,  1834

Bourne Farm,  1821


For a list of place names in Kent from early O/S maps, see

Map of an estate in Hawkhurst 1733

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