Part of the Sandhurst Overseers account for November 1775:

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Paid Elizabeth Cutbush                                                                                        -/10/-

More to Buy Necessaries                                                                                     -/1/-

Paid Mercy Rogers                                                                                              -/4/-


Paid John Apps for keep:g Jam:s Sawyer's Child 39 Weeks ...                           3/18/-

Paid Laurence Lansdall for 1 Year's Rent for [blank]Godden due ...                  1/10/-

Paid Widow Dunk 6s/ More for Necessaries 6d/-                                               -/6/6

Paid her more the 3d May last not Entered                                                           -/6/-

Paid for keep:g Mary Honiss' Girl                                                                       -/8/-

Paid a Poor Woman with an Order of Relief                                                       -/1/-

Paid for taking Rich:d Cruttenden & keep:g him in hold for Bastardy                  1/19/6

Paid Mary James in Sickness                                                                               1/16/6

Paid Edwd Coleman for Mary James' lying in                                                     2/-/-

Paid John Care in Lameness                                                                                1/6/-


Paid for having Wm Maschol & Richd Cruttenden to Cranbrook

to Swear their Parish - no Sitting                                                                         -/4/6

Paid for fetching 3 Waggon Loads of Chucks from Benenden                              -/7/6

Paid for Removing Jn:o Avery & Jem:a Dunk                                                       -/4/-

Paid the Expences of Marrying Ann Pierce                                                          4/5/9

Paid for Carrying Thos Young to Bridewell                                                         2/10/-

Paid the Expences of the Trial of Thos Young at the Quarter Sessions                2/4/6

Paid Mary Honiss and Dame Hyder for laying Wm Pierce

forth and looking after him before                                                                        -/4/-

Paid for going to Cranbrook with Jane Young to recover

her Wages of Mr Ward                                                                                         -/2/6

Paid for Signing 3 Poor Assessments                                                                   -/1/6

Paid for a Warrant                                                                                                -/1/6

Paid Mr Reynolds for 5 Journeys to Cranbrook about Parish Business                 -/10/-

Paid for a Warrant                                                                                                -/1/-

Paid Mrs Chasmer for laying Mary James                                                            -/5/-

Paid the Expence of a Meeting to put out Poor Children                                       -/4/-

Paid the Expense of Carrying Ann Coleman to Cranbrook                                    -/6/-

Paid Mrs Thrift for making a Gown for Jane Young                                              -/1/6

Paid Jno Apps for Mending Jam:s Sawyer's Girl's Cloathes                                 -/3/-

Paid Sol:n Catt for Burying Jn:o Care's Child and W:m Pierce as pr Bill              -/5/-

Paid More                                                                                                              -/1/-