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Pa 53   

Workhouse Tuesday 13th January 1824

 Present Revd A. Hussey (Chairman) J Humphrey

[blank] Churchwardens;  Mr J Hilder &

Mr Ballard (Overseers of the Poor) and

Mr Pinyon

The following are the reports made by John

Humphrey, Overseer, since last Vestry

Brown, Willm                   2 Gs Flour                                                      Cash 2/-

Catt, James                        2 Do. Do.                  2 lbs Muttn                   Do. 3/- Sickss

Igglesden, Thos                  9 Do. Do.                                                      Do. 4/-   Do.

Relfe, Richd                     10 Do. Do.                 3 lb Muttn                     Do. 4/6 Sickss

Paine, John's Wife              7 Do.                                                             Do. 8/-

Virelle, Thos Junr              10 Do.                      8 lb Muttn                      Do. 8?- Sickss

Parkhurst Edwds Wife                                        2 lbs Do.  in Child bed

Wm Weller's Wife              2  Do                                                           Do. 2/6

Also granted at the said Vestry

Sophia Haines  1 Apron, 1 Change, 1 Gown, 1 Outer

Coat, 1 Pr Stockgs, 1 pr Half boots

Jms Lockyer  Nurse Money 5/-

John Dunk Senr 4/- pr Week till further orders

James Sweetman  3 Gs Flour

Christr White  1 pr Trowsers 1 Round Frock 1 pr Stockgs

Ann Mallion 1 Gown 1 pr High low Shoes

Willm Willard[?] 6 Gs Flour

Willm Winsor      4 Gs Do.

Thos Virrell Junr 1/4 Chaldn Coals & 5lb Muttn for a fortnight

Wm Burt's wife  Nurse Money 5/-

John Reeves Junr  1 Sickness

Wm Groves 3 Gs Flour

Mary Mallion 2/-

                Card Forwd