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May 31th 1629

Itm aband [a bond] of William Munck for the dischard of Joan Aury

Itm aband of Tho: Robarts for the discharg of Ann Cooppar

Itm aband of John Bat for the discharg of John P---se

Itm aband Willi Adoms for the discharg of Agnise Adomes

Itm aband of Tho: Candy for the discharg of John Harding all thes bands aforsaid Remain in the hands of the forsaid Willi Watts

Itm the band for the discharg of Abasborn child given by Robart Coopar of bred** Remaneth in the hands of Thomas Warde

The band of John and Henery Phillpot[?] Remaneth in the hands of Tho: Warde [this entry scribbled through]

The band of Samuel Gardener Remaineth in the hands of William Watts.

The band of John Cogger remaineth in the hands of William Watts.

The band of John Beeching remaineth in the hands of William Watts

The band of John Neeve remaineth in the hands of William Watts

The band of  Richard Gibbon remaineth in the hands of William Watts.

The band of William Gurre remaineth in his hands allsoe.


Tithes: [/ denotes frayed edge of page]

'Memorandum November the 6th 1691. The Cu[stom?]/

of The Tithes of the pish of Sandhars as they hav[e]/

bin antiently paid As Followeth

For Corne Tiths the Tenth Sheafe left by th[e]/

owner in the harvest fields

The fall of lambs within ye pish 4d a peece/

The Cutt of Wool or Shareing of all Sheepe 2d t[wo]/

pence a sheepe

For a Cow & Calf 1 1/2p three half pence Aye/

For young Cattel eight pence Ayear a beast

For ye fall of a Coult eight pence

For Rodhorses nothing


Page 14.

List of poor women/widows benefiting from the Malthouse Trust 1637-1645, as follows:

'Poore Women Yearly appelled by Sir John Fowles geift

1637  Widow Perren & The Wife of Rd Yonge

1638  Widow Saunders & The Wife of John Hyne

1639  The Wife of Rbt Morley & Dorothy the Daughter of Rd Yonge

1640  The Wife of John Hunt, Thomasine Fowle

1641  Widdow Warde, Widdow Rittenden

1642  Widdow Wright, Mary the daughter of Edward Yonge

1643  Wid Boorman & the Wife of Jo: Fawknor

1644  Wid: Fowle & Mary the Wife of Anth: Boorne

1645  Widow Watson & Elizabeth Pinson? Daughter of Rich: Pinson?


Md  that Anthony Wells & John Petter have

received of Tho: Gibbon Constable of the hundred of great

Barnsfield the sume of Nine pounds wch was leavied

upon Mathew Robbins for Swearing being equally

in their hands

More in John Coggers hands Five Shillinges wch was

leavied upon Joseph Paull

More in Antho: Wellse hands Six Shillinges eight

pence wch was leavied for driving of Runts on

the Sabbath day

(above three entries crossed through together)



Page 24.

January 27th 1656

In pursuance of the order of the said Feoffees (for sd) then hath bin

expended upon the said Maulthouse these severall pticulers

following viz

Impris To John Cogger Mason for Bricks Lyme

Latts & workmanship As appeth By his Bill           09 - 10 - 06

Item to Stephen Gy(i?)mer Carpenter for Timber

& workmanship as As appeth By his Bill               03 - 08 - 06

Item to John Frylands Blacksmith for Ironwork

priggs & Nayles                                                      01 - 06 - 08

Item to Edw: Batcheller for carrying sand & earth 00 - 04 - 00

Item to the Thatcher for Thatching & for Straw

& wifts                                                                    00 - 02 - 08


                                                                                14 - 12 - 04



Memod: September 24th 1690 Then was the Writings

of the Maulthouse Delivered into the Keeping of

John Hollands of Sandhurst one of the Feofees of the

Gift of Sr John Fowle And doth hearby promise to

Deliver the same whensoever the same shall be

Required. The Writings fower deeds being the

Title of the said Maulthouse witness My hand

(signed)           John Hollands


Page 36.

Poore Women Apparelled yearly by the Gift of

Sr John Fowle


Wid: Sheather

Wid: Tutt & the

wife of John Keney


Wid: Kipping

Mary the wife of John

Beale and Sara Daughter

of John Beale and Sara Cadmer


December 14th 1692. Repirations of the

Mault house this year, for 305 foot of inch boord

at 13s ye hundred ------------------                     1:19:8

for laying of ye Mault Chamber                         0:12:6

And for other Worke & Materialls, 4                1:14:9


And was due unto John Petter one the last

years Account                                                    0:10:11


More for Masons Worke  7s-6d                         0:07:06




May ye 18: 1732    It is agreed by --- Feeofees that

ye one pound ten shillings of ye Money now Received

shall be laid out in Cloathing two poor Widdows,

The Wife of Cristopher Young, and Eliz Pain

The remainder (which is ten shillings) is to

be in ye hand of Mr Jno Ward till itt be calld

for by ye other Feeofees.