Extract from the Account of the Overseers of the Poor, 1699:

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To Anthony Neeves for jm Keeping Elizabeth Coock due march 25th   0-10-00

paid to widd: Black jm [one month]Releife                         0-3-0

To widd Boorne jm Releife                                                 0-6-0

To Mat: Stephens for jm Releif                                            0-6-0

To Tho Norton jm Releife                                                    0-7-0

To Anthone

To Phillip Howard 4w keeping of Joane Patience Boy       0-6-0

To Isack Venas For 16 week Keeping Ann Underdown      1-04-00

To Isack Venase jw Kep: Under[down?]                             0-1-06

For A paire of Shooes for Joane Patience Bastard Chd       0-02-00

To widd Tester for widd Boorne Rent due at Ladyday        0-17-06

For entering this pte of the Accompt                                    0-02-00



It Mris Vousden pd Tho: Taylor for Keeping Collinses bast: Child five weeks & one halfe Ending Ester munday 1700                                                   00-05-00

Mary Collens Charge Since ber[her?]being with Child of a Bastard

January 29-

paid to Neeves wife for makeing Mary Collens 2 Changes  0-1-6


feb 23

paid Tho: Taylor For Kep And Lodging & nursing of Mary Colens jm in her Lying in of her Bastard Child                                                                       1-08-00

And paid him for Boord & mending her Bedstedle               0-3-6

And pd him For Clensing her Fit to Cum in his house & seting midwife & other Tendance 0-2-00


feb: 29

To Mary Collens jw Releif                                                      0-1-6


march 5

To Mary Collens jw Releif                                                       0-1-6

To Will: Ware for moveing her Stuff from Tho Taylors           0-0-3

To Will Worsley for one weeks quarters for Mary Collens      0-2-0

To Mris Fowle midwife For Mary Collens Bastard                 0-2-6

To John Tutts wife To Redeem Mary Collens Cloth in pawn   0-2-0


It pd To Samll Tolherst for Nortons yeres Rent due at or Lady day   00-15-00

It pd To Will Dunnings for John Merritts Lady Days Rent                 00-10-00

It pd To Jno Taylor for the widd Blacks Lady Days Rent                  00-05-00

It pd To Geo Burish for one yeare & A halfes Rent for William Underdown due At or Lady Day 1700                                                                                           1-10-00


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