This became a subscription site in hopes of breaking even, as invitations to donate or to sponsor produced nothing. Expenditure is always ahead of income so your membership will be very welcome.

The membership fee for both parts of the site, when I am moved to revise it, is pitched at the average cost to me of a single visit to either of my local record offices.

The payment system is PayPal and it should also give you the option to use a credit card. Contact me if you prefer another method: cheques in sterling are welcome. I no longer have a contact form, as it produced acres of spam per genuine message, so you will have to assemble my address using my forename plus @ and the domain. If you email, bear in mind that the site is only manned when I am at the computer, and that, perversely, I sometimes eat, sleep, go out, take a holiday or try to earn a living.

The subscription software has some protections built in against misuse. Repeated log-ins over a 24 hour period may be blocked, and password sharing is likely to result in a permanent ban on all addresses involved.

The Search Engine on the home page may return false positives, as for instance if you entered the surnames Beach, Bishop, Christmas, Field, Fowle, Hall, Tree, Wood or Young. Equally, surname spellings are transcribed as found and you will be challenged by centuries of invention. You are strongly advised not to be influenced by any search in your decision to subscribe.

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