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The following notes are not exhaustive: just items I have checked and which may be useful to someone.


As of August 2004 I have found only one reference to Sandhole outside of the Pinyon diaries: 'Huglets or Sandhole Field Mr A. Pinyon' which is in the T. Gibson survey of 1826. Including its more usual name of 'Huglet(t)s'. Mentions of the property in documents elsewhere on this site are as follows:

The plot names/descriptions in Gibson and the TA suggest some of John P's varied activities in it. Most of what was Sandhole has now been incorporated into a large arable field. A house towards the village end is called 'Pinyons'. This property includes the original Lodge, which is at the north end of the present house, and the Clubhouse built by JP, which is to the East of the house.

I have spoken to two long-time residents of the village, also to Mrs Johnson who did the Millennium Book (copies still available), and it seems that `Huglets' & `Sandhole' are now unknown in the Village.

There is also a 'Sand Hole Field', 1043, 3/0/33a, behind Boxhurst, but although John P lived at Boxhurst with his family from mid April 1832, it is not the Sandhole of the diaries. The TA gives Thomas Ellis as owner of  Boxhurst in 1838, so the Pinyons were tenants there in the early years. The diary does not precisely date the Pinyons' move to Boxhurst, but it was clearly around 1st June 1831.

Areas held by Aaron Pinyon changed between Gibson in 1826 & the TA in 1838. 

The Gibson survey has AP owning plots 248 - 285. Numbers 248 - 273 are around Riseden, which is to the West of the village. 274 - 277 are North of the village on the Benenden side. 278 - 284 are Sandhole, and 285 is the Wheelwrights premises.  A Select Vestry entry of 25 March 1823 mentions 'Mr Pinyon's at Riseden', so it may be safe to assume that it was his dwelling till the move to Boxhurst.

In the intervening years AP drops 248 - 277 and in the TA schedule is shown as owning 278-284 (Sandhole), 285 (Wheelwrights on The Green) 590 & 591 (two small properties in the village), & 623, 624, 628, 630, 632,-634, 636, 639, 640, 642, & 645 (around Sponden or Spunden). This represented a drop in acreage owned by AP in Sandhurst from 136a in 1826 to 33/2/12 in 1838. Both figures include Sandhole. Whatever the reason for this, it does not appear to indicate any reduction in farming activity.

Aaron Pinyon undoubtedly rented property in Sandhurst and elsewhere, and may have owned property in other villages. Note the cycle of entries which mention Boxhurst (where they lived from 1831) Lamberden, Scurms & Burnthouse. The 17 Jan 1828 entry 'Went to measure AP Lots in Ewhurst Wood with Mr Burgiss' indicates rental of woodland for felling or coppicing. The Pinyons were related to Lade, Collins & Body, & farming activities at Bodiam, Northiam & Wittersham  may be due to these relationships. The Kitchenham documents show Pinyons as having been of Dallington, but there was a possibly related presence in Wittersham in the 1670s, as for instance '1674 ... John the son of Jonn Pinion by Frances his wife baptised 31 Mar'. A trawl through the indexes and deeds at CKS and a glance at other local Tithe Apportionment Schedules might add clarity, as would a Pinyon Family Tree.



I.E. Sandhurst Baptist Church. The diary does add four extra burials possibly missed by the SBC Burials Register. Deaths or burials noted in the diary to end 1833 are as follows:

See 1 Aug 1827: Collins; [PC]

19 Apr 1828: Harris; [PC]

1 May 1828: Paine; [PC]

12 Aug 1828: Mr Collins died Bur 19 Aug [PC]

12 Oct 1828: Igglesden [PC]

20 Jan 1829: Miss Humphrey [PC]

31 Jan 1829 Poss. Josph H---ldens; [NR]   

29 Mar 1829: Ballard [NR: Recorded at SBC - poss. from inscription, but not in burials register]

20 Apr 1829: Ayerst? to Newenden Church;

8 Jan 1830: Ballards Girl [NR: Recorded at SBC - poss. from inscription, but not in register]

16 Apr 1830: a young woman, Ayerst? to Newenden?

14 Nov 1831: W H barnes [SBC]

16 June 1833:  a funeral Sermon for A Pierce [NR]

NR = not recorded in any Sandhurst register; PC = 'St Nicholas' Parish Church; SBC = Sandhurst Baptist Church.

Look out also for the sales which JP attended, as these are likely to be an indication of a major upheaval; i.e. a disposal of real estate or a recent death.

See the list of Members 1853 on the Baptists page. Entries in the diaries suggest that it is incomplete: see the notes below the list.

The 'Meeting Barn' is mentioned twice in 1840: 10 July & 10 Dec.


JP's attendance at Chapel falters in the Autumn of 1836 and he begins to attend Church regularly in the Spring of 1837



Aaron Pinyon and three others bought Goodgrooms/Kitchenham (by Bodiam Mill) in 1815 for 2800. The others were Thomas Pinyon, John Body & Mary Pinyon. John Body bought out Aaron, Thomas & Mary in 1830.



John Pinyon began work on the new Reference Book and Parish Map on 19th August 1837 when he collected T. Gibson's book &c from John Hilder. He bought a new book on the same day, and another on 3 November. Between 19 August and the end of the year he records about seventy days spent at the work. This was not new ground as JP's work was based firmly in that done by Gibson eleven years earlier, and since that time JP had surveyed various holdings in the Village. However, in the intervening period some ownerships and holdings had changed, fields had merged or their boundaries had been altered, field names had changed, and the format for the TA was less straightforward than that of Gibson; so JP had much to do and to revise.

There are a number of pencil notes in Gibson's Survey book, entered where Gibson had evidently not completed his work, which look remarkably like John P's hand. This survey needs revisiting to check the extent of this and its relation to the later work done by JP.

Curiously, there are no entries in the Vestry Book before 1838 which relate to this survey. The first entry is dated 23rd Dec 1837 but appears between entries for 22nd Feb and the 24th Mar 1838. The Vestry seems to have caught up with the need for the survey after it was complete and when it became clear that some or all of the cost of the exercise could be claimed back from the Commmissioners. The entries in the Vestry Book, which are made post 28th Feb 1838 suggest that the work is still to be done, and present an estimate for it. 10 was claimed for the work. If that was JP's fee, he earned about  2/10d a day.


The entries begin on 19th August 1837:

Aug 19. F to Mr Hilders for Reference Book of the Parish &c & to Lamberden. A to Hawkhurst for a New Book.

Then numerous entries 'Planing, Measuring and surveying' through to the end of November, including:

Aug 24. .. Measuring at Mr Hilders

WB 27 Aug . Measuring at Mr Lawrence & Silverdine; Measuring at Burnthouse; to Conghurst Measuring

WB 3 Sep.  Conghurst, the Canals; Pugsty

WB 17 Sep. 3 days at Mr Staces;  Surveying at Mr Lades; Surveying with Mr Ward

WB 24 Sep. Planing for Mr Ward & Mr Sweets; to Mr R Dunks & to Mr Ellis's Surveying; Measuring about the Green; Sepr 29. at Home at Work at Parish Map]

WB 1 Oct.   to Mr W Dunks Measuring; to Hope House and Lamberden & Cullins Surveying

WB 8 Oct. Mr Reeves & Mr Bridges Land; at Mr Jo Barnes's Planing Hop ground; to Mr Sweets & Mr Wards Surveying; Measuring in Downgate Wood. Surveying at Alderden &c.

Octr 21. E to the Swan with the Parish Plan.

WB 22 Oct. to Mr Swete's Surveying

WB 29 Oct. to Mr Bennetts about Description of Land

Nov 3 Bought a New Reference Book for the Parish 6/6.

WB 5 Nov. to Esqr Wilsons about the Parish Plan. to Esqr Wilsons. to Mr Jas & Jno Collins's about the Parish Plan]

WB 12 Nov. to Mr Ellis's about Parish Plan]

WB 19 Nov. to Benenden to Mr Mills's & Mr Goblis about Parish Plan; to Mr Lades & Mr Ballards with Reference Book; to Mr Slaughters & at Home about Parish Plan]

WB 26 Nov. Measuring a field for Mr Ward and Mr Swete; at Home all at Parish Book

Decr 4. at Parish Plan till 11 oclock then to the Swan with it.

Decr 18. at Home and to Swan to the Meeting with the Parish Plan.

Decr 23. A to the Swan to the Meeting but was not called for.

Decr 30. to the Green for the Parish Plan & to the Swan.


July 30. [1838] F to Mr Jno Barnes's with my Bill for the Parish

Octr 29. [1838] F to Mr Hilders about the Parish Map.

Novr 2. [1838] at Home and to the swan to see about the Parish Map.

The Tithe map is dated 23 Jan 1838

Comport & Hanson

Information from Pat Argar:

William Hanson of Newenden was born in 1780 and died in 1868 aged 88 years. His first wife was called Ellis and she died in 1812? aged approx 28 years. His second wife was Mary who was born in 1790 and died 1868 aged 78. Her death took place one day after her husband's, on 27th and 28th of October. William Hanson is listed in Pigot's Directory of 1839 as the Landlord of the White Hart Newenden. I have no record of Ellis - the daughter - but I do have dates for two of her sisters. Kitty Hanson was born 20th May 1818 and died 30th April 1886, Fanny Hanson was born 15th Nov 1820 and died 3rd May 1909. Both are listed in the 1881 census as living together at the Beach House, Newenden. All of the above are buried at the Unitarian Church Northiam as are William Comport and his two wives.

William Comport was born in 1812 and died in 1888. He married twice. Firstly to Mary Ann Hanson daughter of Willliam and Mary Hanson. She was born on November 12th 1814 and died on May 8th 1866. His second wife was Mary Forman, daughter of James and Mary Forman of London. She was born on April 21st 1819 and died on June 20th 1882. I believe that William and his first wife had 7 children. Fanny was the eldest born in 1835 and died 1936, William Hanson Comport  born in 1840 and died in 1866, John born in 1844 and died in 1873, Frederick born in 1847 (at Clinch Green in Northiam) and died in 1933, Alfred was born in 1850 and died in 1936? Frank was born in 1857? and there was a sister Mary but I can find no dates for her at present. William's father was John Comport who died in either 1846 or 1847 - his will was proved in March 1847. Both John and his son William were builders but William was also landlord at one time of the Crown and Thistle public house in Northiam.


JP's Contacts with Surveyors - Entry 17 Oct 1827. Fine day. Went to Ticehurst at Mr Newingtons Measuring Land With Mr Gibson and then to Robertsbridge. Mr Gibson visits occasionally

30 Oct 1828.  Do. went to Hawkhurst to Measure the Woods and to Meet Mr Addams the Surveyor at Brookgate

Was T. Gibson a/the schoolmaster at Robertsbridge as well as being a surveyor?

1838. May 23..... Went to Cranbrook to carry the Plans for Mr Dearn to Reduce.  (Poss. TDW Dearn. See An historical topographical and descriptive account of the Weald of Kent : with eight engravings and a map. By T.D.W. Dearn, Cranbrook, Printed for and sold by S. Reader; sold also by B. & R. Crosby, London; and by all the booksellers in Kent and Sussex, 1814, Cranbrook, Samuel Walters Cranbrook, London.)

See also numerous contacts with Mr J.S. Thomson of Tenterden after JP moved to Northiam. Thomson was apparently at school in Robertsbridge with JP. This reinforces the idea of Thomas Gibson as Schoolmaster.

See 'MAP OF BRICKWALL and all the Estates connected therewith belonging to THOMAS FREWEN ESQ SITUATE IN THE PARISH OF NORTHIAM, BREDE, UDIMORE, BECKLEY and HERSTMONCEUX in the County of SUSSEX AND NEWENDEN, SANDHURST & NEWCHURCH in the County of KENT' by J S Thomson of Tenterden, surveyor - ref.  FRE/7991  - date: 1845, held at East Sussex Record Office:

Six sheets: (1) Dixter Level, Clench Green, Mill Land, Common Woods, Wellhouse, Horns Cross and lands west and south-west of Brickwall, Northiam; (2) Stent, Roadend, Hoath Wood, Mill Down Wood and lands east and south-east of Brickwall, Northiam; (3) Tan House and Douce Grove, Northiam, Conster Farm, Spelland and Broad Oak Land in Brede, Broomsmith manor house, Beckley; (4) detached land belonging to Tanhouse Farm, Northiam, Burnthouse and Maidlands, Brede, land in Newenden and Sandhurst, Kent; (5) Buckhurst, Udimore, Kingswoodland and Sherfold, Brede; (6) Sherfold, Brede Place and Pickdick, Brede

John Pinyon was involved with the Flimwell to Rye and the Hawkhurst Junction turnpike trusts. There are many entries in the diary which refer to surveying the condition of the roads, supervising maintenance and repair, collecting tolls and enforcing compliance with regulations. Both trusts are described in Alan Sanders excellent booklet 'Cranbrook's Turnpike Roads' published by the Cranbrook and District Local History Society, 2004.

The Green, The Shop

AP's Wheelwrights Shop was at The Green. References to 'the Shop' are likely to refer: see Sep 8, 1832 '.... at Shop turning Knaves'  JP's commissions to paint names on wagons no doubt stem from this association.

Sorting timber and the presence of an Appraiser (valuer) at the shop at the end of 1835 may indicate that a sale was made or intended. No other evidence yet, but perhaps related to the offer of a Stewardship at Brickwall in early October. AP disposed of much of his land in Sandhurst sometime between the 1826 & 1838 Surveys. Was this the date?


The Mill

Feby 6. (1833) Fine. F at Home and to Hawkhurst with my Brother James A to Mill Moving Mill. The TA Map of 1838 shows the mill on Boxhurst in the same position as on the 1793 Boxhurst Map. Given JP's interest in the mill and his involvement with the TA, it is likely that the TA Map is accurate.  This leaves something to understand about the 6 Feb 1833 entry.



1st June 1831: Mapping Mr Ellis's Farm [Boxhurst]. Aaron Pinyon most probably had agreed to take it from this date

15th Oct 1831: Airing the house

25th Oct 1831: Appraising at Boxhurst

17 Apr 1832: JP moved into Boxhurst

7 Oct 1835: Aaron P became Steward at Brickwall

31 Dec 1835: AP vacated Wheelwrights shop in Sandhurst

25th March 1841: JP moved to Morley Farm

13 Apr 1846: Sarah Pinyon, his mother died, aged 65.

1st Jan 1849: Aarron & Elliss Hanson baptised at Northiam Church - check

27 Sep 1851: Valued into Green Farm, Sandhurst

29 Sep 1851: 4th child born. Julia Elizabeth registered 3 Nov

26 Nov 1851: Moving Household Goods from Northiam to Oaks House, Sandhurst

19 Jan 1852: 'With the appraisers valueing the Hay & Straw for Mr Ballard to me on the Green Farm'

10 May 1852:  Agreed to buy Ashbourne Mills from Dr Ayerst for 800

20 May 1852: Moved household to Ashbourne Mill

27 Sep 1852: 'Took ill'. Resumed weather record on 21 Nov, but not out of the house again till 21 Dec

5 Mar 1858: Ellis Pinyon died

6 Jun 1859: John Pinyon died at Ashbourne Mills: See below this diary entry for Death Certificate details

1860 Aaron PINYON died, aged 69.

1893 James PINYON of Boxhurst died, aged 78.

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