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Early Baptists in Sandhurst

Transcript of a talk given at Sandhurst Baptist Church on 12th February 2009. From Francis Cornewell's presence in the village in 1649 through to the building of the first church in 1731. Many names, including: Bate, Bennet, Blackmore, Cooper, Drury, Eason, Elliston, Fowle, Giles, Gilham, Hammond, Kenward, Larke, Longley, Newman, Paine, Penvall, Petter, Robbins, Roberts, Tucker, Savage, Snell, Starr, Watts, Withinbrook, Worsley, Wright.


Francis Cornewell: Vicar of Horton Kirby

Owing to Thomas Crosby's biography of Cornewell in the History of the English Baptists, he is commonly known as "Francis Cornwell, Vicar of Marden". In fact he was never Vicar of Marden, and there are other serious errors in Crosby's account. He and subsequent Baptist historians have also failed to credit Cornewell with his unique position amongst Kentish ministers in declaring his Puritan views publicly and from the pulpit, for which he was committed to Maidstone Gaol for a year.


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